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unit 8a

highfields business park



sg8 5jT

Don't wish for it, work for it!


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Set on Highfields Business Park just outside of the vibrant market town of Royston, IronHive is revolutionising the fitness scene in the area. We invite all fitness enthusiasts and those aspiring to a healthier lifestyle to join us as we embark on an exciting journey of strength, endurance and community.

what is crossfit?

CrossFit is a fitness program that combines various exercises from different disciplines, including weightlifting, cardio and gymnastics. In simple terms, it's like a fitness playground where you get to try different types of workouts every day.

Unlike traditional gym routines where you may focus on specific muscle groups, our workouts are designed to improve your overall fitness and make you more well-rounded. These workouts are constantly varied and typically performed at high intensity, meaning you'll be challenging yourself both mentally and physically.

At our gym, or 'box' as we like to call it, you'll work out alongside a supportive community of like-minded individuals who will cheer you on and help you reach your goals. Our experienced and friendly coaches will guide you through the workouts, ensuring proper form and technique to prevent injuries.

In short, CrossFit is a fun, challenging, and community-driven fitness program that aims to improve your overall fitness and help you achieve your personal goals. It's a great way to break away from monotonous fitness routines and discover a new level of strength and confidence.

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''Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits''

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what is HYROX?

After launching in Germany in 2017, HYROX has quickly established itself as the fastest growing fitness sport in the world with events in more than 11 countries already.

A HYROX event combines both running and functional workout stations, where participants run 1km, followed by 1 functional workout station, repeated 8 times.

In order to prepare individuals for these races, we offer 3 different HYROX classes a week. These classes place an ehanced focus on engine building and endurance through longer duration workouts (and lots of running).

HYROX was created to be the Fitness Race for everybody. That being said, it is still a fitness race which requires endurance training and strength preparation, and therefore compliments our regular CrossFit classes.

why choose crossfit AND HYROX?

Workouts are ADAPTABLE to all fitness levels

Improves overall fitness in DAILY ACTIVITIES and SPORTS


Supportive community of LIKE-MINDED individuals


We're committed to bringing you the best workout experience.

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Membership Prices


£94.50/ month

  • Access to all our classes (CrossFit, and HYROX)
  • Open box access around classes
  • Use of Beyond the Whiteboard to view programming and track progress

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3x Free



£74.50/ month

  • 13 class credits a month to use on any of our CrossFit classes
  • Open box access around classes
  • Use of Beyond the Whiteboard to view programming and track progress


Various prices

  • 10x use anytime, class credits................£135.00
  • Open box......................................£45.00/ month
  • CrossFit drop-in.........................................£15.00
  • HYROX drop-in..........................................£10.00
  • CrossFit Kids (5-8 yrs), 10x use anytime, class credits.........................................................£40.00
  • CrossFit Preteens (9-12 yrs), 10x use anytime, class credits...............................................£50.00

10% discount available for Students, NHS, Armed Forces, Police Force, Fire Fighters, and Partners

Contact us directly for more info

Our Coaching Team


CrossFit Level 1 - CF-L1

CrossFit - Coaching the Aging Athlete

CrossFit - Teaching Movement

CrossFit - Programming


CrossFit Level 1 - CF-L1

Professional Basketball Player



CrossFit Level 2 - CF-L2

Professional Basketball Player

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Sports Nutritionist

Sports Therapist


CrossFit Level 1 - CF-L1

Elite CrossFit Athlete

CrossFit Gymnastics - L1 & L2


''Community feel, no judgement and great coaching''

Stephen C.

At IronHive, we believe in the power of CrossFitto transform lives, both physically and mentally. Our newly renovated facility has been thoughtfully designed to provide everyone and anyone with an unparalleled training experience. Equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and led by our passionate and expert coaches, we are committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and live a longer, healthier life.

What sets IronHive apart is our focus on community. We believe that working out should be fun, motivating and inclusive. Our vibrant and supportive atmosphere encourages camaraderie, allowing our members to push boundaries, overcome challenges, and celebrate accomplishments together. Whether you're an experienced CrossFit athlete or just starting your fitness journey, we welcome you to join our community and become part of something truly special.

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Check back regularly for event updates.

Summer Social 2024

August TBC

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Chad 1000X 2024

November TBC

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Xmas Social 2024

December TBC

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Black Dotted Circle Recolorable Outline
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class schedule

CrossFit Classes

HYROX Classes

Kids Classes

Monday to Friday

06:00-07:00, 07:00-08:00, 9:30-10:30, 10:30-11:30, 12:00-12:45, 17:00-18:00, 18:00-19:00, 19:00-20:00*, 20:00-21:00

*excluding Monday and Wednesdays


08:00-09:00, 09:00-10:00

Monday and Wednesday

13:00-14:00, 19:00-20:00




CrossFit Kids (5-8yrs)


CrossFit Preteens (9-12yrs)


CrossFit classes - a combination of functional movements, cardio exercises, and strength training usally performed at high-intensity.

CrossFit Express classes - our daily class condensed into 45 minutes.

CrossFit Kids (5-8y rs) - a fun introduction into CrossFit for our younger members. Lots of games, socialising, and confidence building.

CrossFit Preteens (9-12 yrs) - the structure of an adult class with the fun of a kids class.

HYROX classes - longer duration workouts with an emphasis on engine building.

contact us for

more open box times

Mailing Address

IronHive, Unit 8A, Highfields Business Park, Royston, Herts, SG8 5JT

Email Address


07594 953 248

07922 393 861